MG Fleet


Job Management

Connect the WEBFLEET solution with a PRO Driver Terminal to get the most valuable information you need about your orders and drivers.

WEBFLEET supports seamless communication with your team in the field and helps you to streamline your workflow management. The net result is data at your fingertips for a more efficient operation, happier customers and more jobs done. You may use another software system that you wish to connect to WEBFLEET to automate the process of sending jobs out.

WEBFLEET has an open API and this business integration could streamline your operation even further. As a bi-product of integrating systems and utilising the WEBFLEET platform is that it automates driver coaching and behaviour improvements through active driver feedback. This is the only way we can see customer making tangible savings.


  • Better planning
  • Improve customer service
  • More accurate ETA’s
  • Improve routing & miles travelled
  • Increase MPG
  • Integrated systems improves efficiencies

Job Management at a glance…

WEBFLEET helps you identify the best suited driver for each job using smart scheduling and dispatch with order status, vehicle status and award-winning traffic data.

There is the option to add Order Optimisation which optimises your sequence of visits in one click. This helps you to plan smarter, reduce mileage, serve your customers better and get more orders done.

Send jobs and order instructions straight from your office to your driver’s PRO Driver Terminal. The terminal then reads the jobs and any text messages aloud to avoid distracting the driver.

Bridgestone uses TomTom’s award-winning traffic information helps you give more accurate ETAs to customers when using professional navigation. The device uses a complex network of live traffic data, vehicle dimensions and advanced algorithms to help your drivers avoid traffic take the quickest, safest route, avoiding low bridges and weight restrictions.

The ability to integrate systems is critical in today’s world. You can easily integrate other business applications with WEBFLEET. Applications can range from ERP’s, Transport Management or job handling systems, CRM’s and route optimisation software.

Using the PRO 8475 ruggedised Driver Terminal, you can customise workflow management further. It allows you to operate 3rd party applications which can integrate into the WEBFLEET workflow and simplifies it for the driver by being on a single device.