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Fuel Saving

You also have the ability to add fuel monitoring data to your tracking system.

The system gives both fleet managers and drivers clear, detailed driving behaviour reports. This approach empowers all involved to take action, before, during and after each trip, encouraging greener and safer driving.

The technology is unique as it takes a pro-active approach. If you truly want to make tangible savings, the only way to automate this is by adding a PRO device that delivers Active Driver Feedback.

Active Driver Feedback takes driver behaviour data that is collated and feeds it back to the driver in real-time through intuitive audible and visual warnings. This constant coaching maintains a higher standard of driving by changing driving styles, thus resulting in an increase in MPG.


  • Increase MPG
  • Decrease Idling
  • Improve safety and risk profile
  • Potential insurance benefits
  • Decrease unnecessary wear and tear
  • Run a greener fleet

Fuel Monitoring at a glance…

The software where all the data is collated is called Webfleet. Webfleet can retrieve data from a number of vehicle types. MG Fleet will complete a full compatibility survey to ensure you are well informed about which vehicles in your fleet will report what kind of data.

OptiDrive 360 is the reporting mechanism in the background to allow you to quickly rank your drivers and score them out of 10.

It uses a traffic light system to measure up to 8 KPI’s. These KPI’s are speeding, driving event, idling, fuel consumption, constant speed, coasting, gear shifting and green speed.

The OptiDrive 360 tool is one of the most complete approaches to continuously improving driving behaviour.

Your drivers can learn, get coached in real-time, be evaluated and then the data can easily be compared on a wide set of driving performance indicators Active driver feedback.

Drivers get direct feedback and predictive driving advice while driving and Webfleet software clearly presents the savings potential to the fleet manager.

See how MG Fleet and the power of Webfleet could help you improve you fleet's driving behaviour and the potential cost savings.