MG Fleet

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Business Integration

With Bridgestone’s open platform approach it is possible to integrate the platform into the software you currently operate within your business or if you are looking to implement new software with telematics, simply tap into the existing integrations offered via the partner network. MG Fleet works with a number of partners to manipulate the Webfleet solution. If you are looking to adopt a job handling system, ePOD, vehicle checks, mobile forms or optimisation then click here.

Webfleet has the industry’s largest selection of integrated apps. Typically clients operate a CRM, an ERP or perhaps some job handling software. This software can be integrated into the Webfleet platform. If you also operate in-vehicle or mobile applications then again these can operate on our PRO driver terminals.

If we have not already got an integration listed or perhaps you want to see what other applications can integrate then check out the App Center.


  • Improve efficiencies
  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce administrative time & costs
  • Become More efficient
  • Create unique industry tools to be ahead of the curve