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Tachograph Services

Download your tachographs remotely and either automatically post the downloaded files into your existing analysis software (TachoShare) or analyse your data within WEBFLEET (Tachograph Manager).

This all in one solution allows you to download the driver card daily and allows you to download the vehicle unit weekly.


  • Save time
  • Reduce costs
  • Stay compliant
  • Maximise your productivity
  • Automate your processes

Driver ID and Tachograph Integration

Maximise Driving Hours– Having real-time visibility of remaining driving hours allows you to maximise driving hours and eradicates the need for relying of driving feedback to obtain this kind of information.  This means you can schedule more work which in turn can generate more revenue.

  • View current driving time and status
  • At the touch of a button you can access remaining daily and weekly driving time data
  • See next break and rest period
  • Get alerts when your driver is committing an  infringement in real-time

TachoShare and Tachograph Manager at a glance…

Rather than having to manage the time consuming task of download driver cards and downloading vehicles, TachoShare and Tachograph manager automates the process to ensure full compliance.

The remote download is a reliable all-in-one solution. All that is required is for a company of your company card to be stored at our secure data centre. This remotely authorises the download with out any expensive hardware to be fitted to the vehicle or to be in the office.

These services also give our clients an extra real-time tool called Remaining Driving Time (RDT). RDT is purely an operational tool which helps to manage the fortnightly spread of hours. The solution tells you have may hours the driver has remaining today and for the rest of the week taking into consideration their 2 extended 10 hour driving days and their 3 reduced rest period under 11 hours.

Proactively manage infringements with real-time infringement alerts and help to reduced the severity of them or eradicate them completely.

This tool helps the transport office to legally max out their driver’s hour without the need to ask them to be able to fit in those extra jobs at the end of the day to vastly increase revenue.

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