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Active Driver Feedback + Opti-drive 360

Active Driver Feedback and Advices are shown in a non-disturbing way to make sure your drivers remain safe on the road.

The OptiDrive icon shows you your overall OptiDrive 360 score.


The Opti-Drive score is part of Webfleet’s driver profiling system. This figure scores drivers on 6-8 key elements, scores them out of 10 across a rolling 7 days. The 8 indicators are:

  1. Speeding
  2. Driving events 
  3. Idling
  4. Fuel consumption
  5. Constant speed
  6. Coasting
  7. Green speed
  8. Gear shifting 

Active Driver Feedback is a real-time coaching tool for drivers, supporting a safer and more fuel-efficient driving style by addressing their driving style as they drive.

OptiDrive 360 is the full approach to continuously improve driving performance for every fleet and vehicle type.  Active driver feedback in what happens in the cab to change driving styles, Opti-driver is the reporting mechanism in the software to capture the data to be used to review with the driver to assist in improving their driving profile. 

By following the four steps LEARN, COACH, EVALUATE & COMPARE, and using up to 8 driving performance indicators in the software, OptiDrive 360 supports drivers and fleet managers alike to achieve a greener, safer and more efficient driving style.  

Why is safe and economical driving important for your business?

  • Cost pressures (TCO), reducing fuel and maintenance costs with a pro-active approach coupled with extensive reporting
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Support on reducing number of accidents
  • Better business image and branding
  • Helps to comply to customer and stake/stockholder requirements

Watch this video to learn more: Videos — Webfleet Solutions GB