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Paperless workflow solutions

Cut costs, reduce paper and duplication

Going paperless is becoming more and more common with not only service providers looking at these solutions but more often than not, customers are the ones driving this demand.

Using ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) or an electronic form can drastically reduce the amount you spend on printing and document storage. Manual data entry becomes largely unnecessary, allowing you to free up resources for proactive customer service and management. With an electronic record of every service visit, every risk assessment required for that job or every delivery, it becomes easier to manage claims for missing and damaged paperwork.


These paperless solutions support proactive issue management and resolution. Documentation can be automatically emailed to your customer and /or to your office once the job or delivery is complete, helping to reduce the number of customer queries. Meanwhile, staff internally can monitor any schedule changes via the cloud-based software and alert customers when necessary.

All paperless solutions that MG Fleet provide fully integrate with the TomTom Telematics system to ultimately enrich the overall solution by using some of TomTom’s USP’s giving our clients better data to work with.  These solutions can be used  as a standalone platform or we can also integrate with other ERP, TMS and WMS systems.  This means our solutions can be bolted on to your existing systems, be fully integrated and not cause the disruption of changing the whole software system of an organisation.

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