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Automatic Planning and Route Optimisation Software

MG Fleet also provide planning and route optimization software that is the clear, proven way to manage unpredictable service schedules and complex delivery routes.

The solution we recommend is a cloud-based platform that helps you schedule smartly, streamline job despatch and product delivery. The solution allows the operator to react to events in real-time and it helps our clients by:

…and all with the same number of resources.


Plan and Route

We can build optimal routes for you considering all important constraints, such as customers' time windows, vehicle capacity, engineer's breaks, required skills, driver's and service engineer's working hours. You only need to define your resources and jobs and hit the "plan" button.

The planning screen then gives you visual information about your schedule, jobs and resources. It has been purposely designed working alongside planning professionals so use is easy and intuitive.  

Manual Planning

You can easily make manual adjustments to your plan by just dragging and dropping or if your prefer you can build routes from scratch.  We will give you hints, calculate driving durations, waiting times and optimise routes sequences as you go. By having this feature it give our users flexibility and allows them to react or change their plan quickly and easily. We can even tell you how much of a financial impact the change has made to the operation.

Real-Time Adjustments and Reporting

Even when routes are already started we can still work out the progress on each run, the current position, the amount of work to be completed and remaining driving hours. We are then able to find the best option for any additional work to be slotted in allowing you to inform your customer for exceptional customer service.

What use is it though, to have the most effective plan if you cannot report on if the runs were actually executed in the way it was initially planned?  This route optimisation software also integrates in to the TomTom Telematics platform to get real-time updates. We use TomTom’s unique historical traffic information to aid in the planning process so we can plan to avoid the busiest areas if we can. We also can obtain vehicle location and accurate ETA’s to give a plan vs actual report on when deliveries are expected and when they actually arrived. This reporting also allows us to check the correct routes were taken minimising the necessary mileage travelled going from A to B.  Moreover can also tell you why a variance has happened, be it late departure from the depot, extra mileage or incorrect job sequence.  

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