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Dudman Group

More Jobs, Less Fines with Integrated Fleet Management

The Organisation

Originating as a haulage business, the Dudman Group of Companies has grown and adapted with the industry into a large, independent group that is an owner / operator of quarries, wharves, recycling centres and a large truck operator supplying and serving the construction industry in the South of England.

Working across the South coast with a haulage eet of 40 vehicles including rigid & artic tippers, concrete mixers and road sweepers; the company operates out of depots across Sussex and Hampshire. The Dudman Group
of Companies prides itself on being an independent aggregate producer, concrete supplier and bulk haulier that offers the widest range of products possible, catering for any development or construction venture.

The Challenge

The Dudman Group of Companies faced three challenges which they needed to address.

  • Firstly, the company wished to incorporate electronic signature capture as part of the delivery, eliminating paper tickets and administration.
  • Secondly, acquiring accurate delivery location guidance for all drivers and provide telematics reporting of enhanced driver behaviour feedback.
  • Thirdly, GPS vehicle tracking to ensure ef cient job planning, dispatch and monitoring during the daily operation of the business enabling instant feedback to any customer queries.

The Dudman Group of Companies had previously looked at implementing a new system to provide electronic ticketing but it did not include all of the necessary features the company required for vehicle tracking and driver communication.

The Solution

The Dudman Group of Companies has installed the TomTom Telematics eet management solution into 25 of the 45 vehicle eet. All of the equipped vehicles are also using the ruggedised TomTom PRO 8275 7"driver terminal, which on top of standard TomTom features allows for third-party apps to be developed to add functionality.

In addition to the ability to install third party apps on the PRO 8275 driver terminal, it comes equipped with a truck speci c map, ensuring all routes are HGV suitable. TomTom Traf c data means drivers can avoid traf c delays and increase productivity. The device is ruggedised for use in harsh conditions.

The third party software is supplied by AllOnMobile (AOM) which allows for the reduction of paper based processes through development of online forms and includes daily vehicle checks, job scheduling and signature capture. Loading times at all company sites are less, allowing the driver to leave once checked and there is no longer the need to wait for a paper ticket to be produced.

The new AOM e-ticket software has ensured that all loads delivered conform to the Weights & Measures & QSRMC standards and provides customers with a digital copy of the signed ticket by email or text. This system is linked to the Dudman Group of Companies website which customers can use to access information of their ticket.

Since implementing the TomTom Telematics solution and AOM application, the Dudman Group of Companies has calculated an outstanding saving of £44K per year on employee and operational ef ciency and paper form administration. Based on this level of savings, the capital expenditure required to purchase and install the solution will be repaid within the rst 18 months of operation.

The solution allows for accurate ETA’s to customers, and communication with drivers, improving job dispatch and service. Driver behavior and performance levels is monitored and abuses of hard braking, heavy cornering and similar offences are detected and the driver is managed accordingly.

The Dudman Group of Companies Chris Brant comments: “Implementing the TomTom Telematics solution, along with the AOM software, has created improved ef ciency and clarity across the business and meets our requirements in one solution. Costs of pre-printed multi part tickets have been eliminated and our costs are reduced, together with improved green credentials.”

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